Sunday, 13 December 2009

13th of December

I believe that one of the first English Christmas songs I learned was "Mary's Boy Child". We learned it is school at the age of 9 or 10, and although our pronunciation was probably quite "interesting" and funny, I remember us singing it almost every day in December. The most funny part was when we had one of the other teachers at my school coming in with his guitar and made us all perform a rock 'n'roll version of the song (I must also mention that this teacher changed his hair style every other week, red one week, black and white the next, and that he was far from the stereotypical teacher most of us think of). Sometimes I wish I had more time to sing with my students, but I have realised that it is so much easier to get a group of 10 year olds to sing than a group of 16 year olds. I guess playing some Christmas songs for my students in class would be a nice activity, though, and showing them some "real quality" music videos to go along with the songs may also be an idea. For today's calendar I had planned to find a nice and quite version of "Mary's Boy Child" for you, but when I found this Boney M version I had no choice...

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