Thursday, 10 December 2009

10th of December

Today has been a busy day in Norway and especially in the Oslo area. The most powerful man in the world has come to our capital to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and it seems as if Obama-mania has reached us once again. I have not had the time to watch his speech yet, but I hear many are impressed by the President's way of capturing the audience and convincing those who listen to him. I hope I will find the time during the next few days to watch the speech and read some of the reactions to it, and hopefully it is something we can use in class next week.

Right now, however, it is time to open another door in my blog advent calendar, and today I have picked an extract from a classical novel, namely Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Earlier I have said that I love the book and the film, and to me the scene showing their celebration of Christmas is really nostalgic. I have tried to search the internet for a filmclip of the scene with the sisters singing by the piano, but without result. What I did find, however, is this extract from the novel, and perhaps it is an idea to read the text with the students and then watch the scene together in class afterwards. Sometimes it just works better to read first and then watch, so that the students have the opportunity to make up their minds about the content without watching an adaptation.

Picture from Teach with Movies.

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