Monday, 27 April 2009

She's a lady!

Today one of my students asked if she could do her individual project on Barack Obama, but as we spoke I asked her if she did not find it more interesting focusing on Michelle Obama. I do like President Obama a lot, and I am also fascinated by the first lady. She seems to "have it all", and in just a few months she has grown to be well respected and tremendously popular. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten wrote yesterday that Michelle Obama is actually more popular than her husband, and that American women run to the fitness studios hoping to get biceps like her. Why has she become an idol and role model for American women in such a short time? How important is it for the President of the USA to have a popular lady by his side? "Behind every great man, there has to me great woman"?
Anyway, all people interested in the daily life of the first lady of the US might want to visit "Michelle Obama Watch" or "The Obama Family White House".

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