Monday, 20 April 2009

Preparing a project

The last thing on our "to do"-list with the students this year is a project. Our curriculum says that the student shall be able to "choose an interdisciplinary topic for in-depth studies within his or her own programme area and present this". At first this seems to be both an interesting task and an activity in which all of the students should be able to show themselves at their best. However, the last two years have shown that this is not always the case. Many find it hard finding an approach to their projects and end up handing in cut-and-paste essays on famous football players and film actors. Boring! My question is: how can we help our students come up with interesting topics for their projects? How can we teach them to actually do some kind of research rather than spending a whole lot of time copying from the internet? I have made a suggestion to a project outline, but would very much appreciate some tips and help from others improving it, and hence making the projects more interesting.

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