Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cooperation makes my world go round

Earlier on this blog I have told how much I appreciate cooperating with my colleagues, and how important team work is to me in my everyday life. The internet gives us the opportunity to cooperate also across boarders. My colleague Ingunn introduced the network "Del og bruk 09" in February, and already the network has almost 1000 members. This shows that people want to share and want to cooperate with others. For a long time, I have hoped to get in touch with teachers from other countries and to get some kind of network which can help me and give me information in my everyday life and work. My dream is also that I can get in touch with teachers in English-speaking countries that want our students to start communicating. I am therefore quite pleased that I have received comments and e-mails from England, South Africa, the USA and from every corner of Norway since I started writing this blog. Thank you, all! It is a great inspiration!

At the moment I am enjoying ten days off from work. Although I have piles of papers to correct, I spend most of the time outdoors skiing, playing with my children and really enjoying the beautiful spring weather that has finally come to our area. It feels great to unwind and to refill the batteries after a long and busy winter!

Happy Easter!

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