Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Markin 4.0

The week before our autumn break, my first year students all had an all-day test in school, and throughout the vacation I have postponed correcting these papers. Marking papers is not my favorite hobby! Today, however, I received a tool which I hope can help me when assessing written assignments, namely Markin 4.0. I have heard about this tool for some time, and I have also read blogs written by other teachers recommending it. Therefore I am quite excited, and actually looking forward to testing it myself. I guess it will be a slow start and that I will need some time getting used to the buttons and this way of working, but I am still optimistic and do hope Markin will be useful to me, too. I will come back to my experiences later on, but for the time being, I would just love to hear from others who have used it when correcting English papers.


  1. I have also just started using Markin, and yes, it takes some time to get used to it and customize it properly. It would be interesting to compare buttons :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your blog in 'Del og Bruk'. You have given me many new ideas!