Saturday, 8 August 2009

Back to school!

How can seven weeks pass so quickly? What happened to all the things I had planned to do during the summer holiday? Is it possible for me to do them all in the one week I have left before going back to school? Probably not! I believe I had an idea about having everything lined out before the new school year started, but to be honest, I have hardly spent a minute thinking about it at all. The fact that I have not been online for the largest part of the summer can give me some kind of excuse, but strictly speaking, it is called summer holiday for a reason, is it not?

Even though I know the start of the new year will be as busy as the last weeks before the summer, I am nevertheless looking forward to going back to work, to meet all my great friends and colleagues and all the students. A new year means a new start, and hopefully all the work we put into preparation and planning last year will pay off now. Surely we will be able to improve some of the things we have already tried out in the classroom, too; nothing is perfect! Last year I made a "to do"-list for the school year before I started. In January, however, most of the things were still undone, so this year I will not make long term plans and not try to fool myself into believing that I can become this super woman who has all the lectures and projects planned weeks ahead. I am getting older and more realistic as time goes by...

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