Monday, 16 February 2009

Resources on South Africa and Cry Freedom

I love films and one of the films that is on my top ten list is Cry Freedom from 1987. Here we meet the white journalist Donald Woods who gives up almost everything in order to tell the true story about what happened to political activist Steve Biko.

I believe this film can be used to illustrate how rotten the Apartheid regime in South Africa was at the time, and how much the black population had to suffer.

I do not think we will have the time to deal with South Africa this year, but I have gathered some online resources on the country. Hopefully these text can also teach our students something about South Africa after Apartheid and after Nelson Mandela's presidency.

The brutal imprint of apartheid
Country profile, South Africa:
Rainbow nation - dream or reality?
South Africa's widening divide
South Africa in transition

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  1. Good resources! The film Goodbye Bafana (or a few clips form it) could also provide a valuable visualization of the South Africa issue.