Thursday, 12 March 2009

"By working together we can change the world!" - Bono

Lately I have started watching and listening to the TED talks, and since I am in the middle of planning my lessons on Northern Ireland, I decided to have a look at this speech given by U2 vocalist Bono in 2006. We all know that Bono is so much more than a rock star, and that he has shown so much commitment when it comes to aid for African countries. Of course, this is also his main focus in this TED talk, but what I find interesting is that he starts off talking about how technology has really changed the world and how this development can actually help us helping the poor people in the world, too. Bono's speech and what he tells is really a wake up call for me, and though it has not really anything to do with my teaching of English at the moment, I really recommend others to take the time and listen to what he says. "By working together, we can change the world," he says, so lets start networking and actually do something!


  1. How can we begin a trans-Atlantic network? Thoughts?

  2. i want to change my blog to english language.